Art video

The art video program addresses the use of video as a medium for making contemporary art. This bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree option emphasizes conceptual development and video messaging skills grounded in advanced production and post-production studio work.

Within the context of the Department of Transmedia, the art video option encourages a multidisciplinary approach to video, providing opportunities for students to interact with fellow students majoring in computer art and animation, film, and art photography. Art video majors are immersed in the history and theory of moving image/sound relationships so that their work is informed and strengthened. The program has an active visiting artists program and one of the best collections of artists’ video in the United States.

In this program, you investigate the many ways video technology is used creatively today: as single channel works challenging the conventions of narrative and documentary form; as a visual art form integrating computer-generated images, audio experimentation, and performance art; and as a sculptural medium used in site-specific installations.

Beginning courses examine technical principles, and assignments introduce students to the video medium’s complex nature and potential power. At first you develop ideas with your instructors, but in the junior and senior years, your work becomes increasingly self-directed; the goal is the emergence of independent, personally motivated and directed work.

The program is supported by digital video and audio facilities. Production is executed with mini-DV camcorders, digital audio recorders, and necessary peripherals. Post-production suites are equipped with Macintosh-based non-linear editing systems. Video projectors are available for presentations and exhibition. There are digital, multi-track audio studios plus access to other Syracuse University facilities to complement production, post-production, and exhibition activities.

This major is designed to prepare you for a career in video art (a multidisciplinary field focused on creative video messaging). Besides becoming independent video artists, art video graduates are video information specialists in a growing number of professional sectors, including professional production and post-production firms serving education, training, publishing, and entertainment industries, as well as in-house video producers for major corporations in the United States and abroad.