Anna Moulton '15 | Winter Blues (detail)

Our bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree program begins with the premise that photography is aesthetically complex and varied. Rather than promoting a particular tradition, we provide essential critical and technical skills to help you gain confidence to take risks and find your own voice.

Natasha Belikove ’15 Natasha Belikove ’15
Patrice Gonzalez ’15 Patrice Gonzalez ’15
Olivia Alonso Gough ‘15 Olivia Alonso Gough ‘15
Boying Huang ’15 Boying Huang ’15
Joseph Librandi-Cowan ’15 Joseph Librandi-Cowan ’15
Anna Moulton ’15 Anna Moulton ’15
Elizabeth Owen ’15 Elizabeth Owen ’15
Matthew Pevear ‘15 Matthew Pevear ‘15
Ian Sherlock ’15 Ian Sherlock ’15
Nancy Taylor ’15 Nancy Taylor ’15
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And because contemporary photographic practices embrace a wide array of idioms, including cinema, documentary, fashion, ecology, and other contemporary art, our classroom discussions are a marriage of professional skill development and a strong engagement with the world.

When we recently redesigned our B.F.A. degree program, we grappled with several questions: how has technology impacted the craft and concepts of photography? To what degree have commercial practices informed fine art photography? What skills and knowledge do students need to prosper during and after their education?

With these questions in mind, we created a program that immerses you in the creative process, giving you the confidence to produce work that is both technically and visually professional. By emphasizing creativity, intellectual development, and the acquisition of skills, our students have succeeded in finding employment at museums, photo studios, magazines, galleries, and in the fashion industry.

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