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Why Our Program?

  • You are able to form relationships with faculty and peers from related disciplines in the department, including art photography, art video, and film. You can take advantage of the larger college and University and formulate an interdisciplinary path of study.
  • Our faculty members are practicing artists who show and perform their work internationally and are recognized with grants and fellowships, most recently an Art+Technology Lab grant from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Their research interests include feminist technology, experimental animation, visual music, artistic data visualization, interactive installations, digital performance, and virtual reality.
  • You can take advantage of global study opportunities for M.F.A. students and engage with an impressive array of nationally and internationally known visiting artists.
  • When you graduate, you will belong to a global network of enthusiastic VPA alumni.


Shaffer Art Building

The computer art program is housed in Shaffer Art Building, which is home to all programs and facilities in the Department of Transmedia. The computer art and animation facilities include an advanced audio production and scanning studio and a main computer lab.

Visiting Artists


The Extra-Curricular Computer Art Organization (ECARO) provides a forum for computer art and animation majors to congregate and discuss related issues. ECARO helps students in the major establish a greater network with each other and anyone else who has an interest. It is helpful to have an extracurricular environment to discuss and work, where knowledge and information can be passed on throughout grade levels and majors without a restrictive structure. ECARO provides group critiques, tutorials, and brainstorming sessions. It is important for University students to build a connection with each other, encouraging communication between different fields of study and learning how to use input from peers. The University setting is demonstrated in ECARO, pulling together students who want to come out of their creative caves and work together to be better at what they do.

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