Neven Lochhead G'16 | Small Success (still, detail)

Why Our Program?

  • Our program is relatively unusual, as it focuses on video art, not on digital multimedia or communications. We have a history and tradition in this area.
  • Our program is small (six to eight students); thus, we pay a lot of attention to our students.
  • Our students are treated like professional artists. They are expected to be critical thinkers and highly productive individuals, making and exhibiting their art while they are here and being role models for our undergraduates and community at large.
  • Our faculty members are internationally known artists who exhibit and write about video art. Their prizes include Canada's Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts and the EMAF Award at the European Media Arts Festival.
  • You can take advantage of global study opportunities for M.F.A. students and engage with an impressive array of nationally and internationally known visiting artists.
  • Syracuse is home to the Everson Museum of Art, which established one of the first video art collections in the United States and today holds the largest video collection in the world.
  • When you graduate, you will belong to a global network of enthusiastic SU:VPA alumni.


Shaffer Art Building

The art video program is housed in Shaffer Art Building, which is home to all programs and facilities in the Department of Transmedia.The program is supported by digital video and audio facilities. Although space and equipment are shared with upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students manage the video facility, which offers them the opportunity to learn the successful management of a multi-use, multi-format facility. Production is executed with mini-DV camcorders, digital audio recorders, and necessary peripherals. Post-production suites are equipped with Macintosh-based non-linear editing systems. Video projectors are available for presentations and exhibition. There are digital, multi-track audio studios, plus access to other Syracuse University facilities to complement production, post-production and exhibition activities.

Visiting Artists

You will draw inspiration and insight from the resident and visiting artists who come to the art video program and the Department of Transmedia each year. Past visiting artists have included Vito Acconci, Alex Bag, Jeremy Bailey G’06, Joan Braderman, Rene Coelho, Tony Cokes, Cecilia Condit, Kristine Diekman, Anthony Discenza, Stan Douglas, Holly Faurot ’02, Kit Fitzgerald, Peggy Gale, Nelson Henricks, Kurt Hentschlager and Ulf Langheinrich (Granular Synthesis), Johanna Householder, Richard Kerr, John Knecht, Ardele Lister, Bernhard Loibner, LoVid, Ron Mann, Steve Mann, Tanya Mars, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Takeshi Murata, John Oswald, Sarah H. Paulson ’02, Cary Peppermint G’97, J. Leighton Pierce, Steve Reinke, Carolee Schneemann, Shelly Silver, Michael Snow, Lisa Steele, Astria Suparak, Kim Tomczak, Igor Vamos, Steina Vasulka, Bill Viola ’73 H’95, and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto.