Tiffany Deater G'17 | No real distance (still, detail)

The graduate program in art video encourages exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of subject, genre, and media technologies from personal points of view. In this master of fine arts (M.F.A.) degree program, you work closely with faculty in developing structure and strategies for making art in the video medium, including performance, narrative, documentary, site-specific, and multi-channel installation.

Zaoli Zhong G'14 | We are Walking on the Same Great Road (still) Zaoli Zhong G'14 | We are Walking on the Same Great Road (still)

The art video curriculum mixes video studios with elective options in computer art, film, and art photography within the Department of Transmedia, plus access to other art curricula in SU:VPA and the University at large. We also offer video art history studies and have an exceptional collection of video by artists.

The graduate art video program assumes candidates are highly motivated to produce challenging work and are capable of working in a tutorial environment.

Our graduates have typically continued in their field as video artists, independent producers, and faculty in other university video programs.


Application deadline: February 1 for fall admission. Art video currently does not offer spring admission.