Develop technical skills and poise

The bachelor of music (B.M.) degree programs in the performance areas of organ, percussion, piano, strings, voice, and wind instruments stress the development of technical skills, repertory, poise, and overall musicianship. Your studies include work in your principal and secondary performing areas, music history, and various ensembles.

Study in principal and secondary performing areas Study in principal and secondary performing areas

You will be well prepared in a variety of genres and styles. In addition to developing classical technique, you can study in such areas as jazz, free improvisation, and Brazilian music, among others. You can be a part of the performance scene both on and off campus.

In selecting electives, you may strengthen other necessary skills. Voice students, for instance, benefit from studying languages. During your junior and senior years you present solo recitals.

You will work with guest artists and attend master classes with a wide range of technical and interpretive points of view. These connections will help you develop your own identity as a musician.

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