Continue to develop as an artist

Why Our Program?

  • In addition to mastering teaching skills, you will continue to develop as an artist.
  • Graduates of our program have the option to continue their education in our fifth-year master's program in music education.
  • You will meet numerous nationally and internationally renowned resident and visiting artists and educators. They often teach workshops and master classes, providing experiences and insight that both broaden and deepen your studies.
  • You can take advantage of global study opportunities in Strasbourg, London, Los Angeles, New York City, and other amazing places.
  • When you graduate, you will belong to a global network of enthusiastic alumni, many of whom mentor students in achieving success at VPA and beyond.

Performance Honors

The performance honors program is intended for Setnor School of Music students in the B.A. music and B.M. composition, music education, and music industry degree programs who wish to maintain a level of performance at or near that required of students in one of the performance majors. The program’s purpose is to give tangible curricular and moral support to those students who see themselves as performing musicians first and foremost.

Students are eligible to apply for the program at the end of their sophomore year. Students accepted into the program take an hour of applied instrumental or vocal instruction per week and give both a junior and senior recital commensurate with the requirements for degree recitals in the performance majors. Official recognition of program participation and completion appears on student transcripts but does not appear on the diploma.


Crouse College

The Setnor School of Music has classrooms and rehearsal spaces in Crouse College and Shaffer Art Building, as well as a recording studio in the Belfer Audio Archive of Syracuse University Libraries.

Learn more about the Setnor School's facilities

Visiting Artists

Of paramount importance in any music program is ongoing contact with professionals in the field of performance, industry, conducting, composing, and education. The Setnor School of Music offers a very active and diverse guest and visiting artist series of concerts, lectures, and presentations.

View a list of past visiting artists

Teacher Preparation Performance Data

Syracuse University
New York State Teacher Certification Examinations

Annual Institution Report
Program Completers Academic Year: 2015-2016

Professional Knowledge/Pedagogy

Assess. Code: 202
Name: Academic Literacy Skills Test
Number Tested: 84
Avg. Scaled Score: 541.45
Number Passed: 78
Pass Rate: 93%

Assess. Code: 201
Name: Educating All Students
Number Tested: 99
Avg. Scaled Score: 537
Number Passed: 98
Pass Rate: 99%

Music Academic Area

Assess. Code: 075
Name: Music CST
Number Tested: 11
Avg. Scaled Score: 250
Number Passed: 11
Pass Rate: 100%


Assess. Code: TP021
Name: K-12 Performing Arts
Number Tested: 11
Avg. Scaled Score: 50
Number Passed: 10
Pass Rate: 91%

For a full list of Syracuse University's teacher preparation performance data, see the School of Education website.