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Bandier Pillars

In order to share the overriding beliefs that guide us in the study and practice of the business of music, the faculty, students, staff, and advisors of the Bandier Program affirm the following:

  • Integrity. Merriam Webster defines integrity thus: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility. Integrity is a magnet that attracts artists and business associates. In the academy and in commerce, we hold this value as central.
  • Doing well and doing good. We strive to succeed by all measures. We see music as a cultural art form that can bridge the painful differences in our society. We leverage our success to allow music to benefit all people from all cultures.
  • Why wait? We identify opportunity and execute our ideas now. Embracing a practical understanding of the cost and time required, we will immerse ourselves in the business of music and explore its potential in all media outlets. Do it now and DIY!
  • Community of experts. We fully engage with our program’s greatest asset: our community of experts. We attentively absorb all that is shared by our guest lecturers, mentors, and internship hosts from the industry.
  • Experience learning. Our entrepreneurial activities, studies, internships, and extracurricular activities provide us with unique learning opportunities. We take full advantage and learn by doing and leading.
  • Community connection. Internal pride drives external engagement. We are proud of our program, the Setnor School of Music, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, the Central New York community, and the global music/media industries. We temper our pride with a humble commitment to contribute to each of these segments.
  • Brand management vs. humility. We are constantly polishing our personal brand and the public perception of ourselves and all the entities with which we are identified. We are conscious of the balance required to promote our brands with an eye to perception regardless of our intention. Perception is reality.
  • Pay it forward. We will recycle what we have learned and gained by nurturing the next generation, as we have been encouraged, taught, and supported.
  • Inclusion. The entertainment industry has not always exemplified equal opportunity, particularly with respect to gender. Our program consists of individuals from all different backgrounds with variances in gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and other forms of identification. We want our peers to feel free from discrimination. We dedicate ourselves to an inclusive environment while at Syracuse that will sustain with our alumni into the workplace. We hope these values will permeate the industry, and we will work to ensure that they do. This is where the change begins.

Guest Speakers

John Sykes '77 | President, iHeartMedia Entertainment Enterprises

The Bandier Program has immense support from high-level industry executives who lend their time and efforts to keep our students current with the industry’s ever-changing environment. Every semester that you study in Syracuse, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Soyars Leadership Lecture series, a weekly, open-forum-style lecture with these industry leaders. Tremendous learning and networking opportunities result.

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Global Study

The Bandier Program offers opportunities to study in Los Angeles and London, England. The combination of internships, curriculum, and experience learning allows students to experience two of the biggest music markets in the world.

Los Angeles

The LA Semester offers you the resources to excel in your field while refining your entrepreneurial skills. Students are required to fulfill a 20-hour-per-week internship. Internships are available in a wide variety of disciplines, including booking, music publishing, marketing, promotion, and recording. A growing number of Bandier students have transitioned from their LA internship to full-time employment at the same company upon graduation.


In the music industry, London is considered the center of the “rest of the world.” The Bandier Program encourages you to take the fall semester of your senior year to study abroad in London. At Syracuse University’s London center, which is part of Syracuse University Abroad, you take classes in such areas as global commerce and law in the music and entertainment industries, global ethnomusicology, and the London classical music scene. You are encouraged to participate in an internship, which is arranged and supervised by the Bandier Program.

Experience Learning

Otto Tunes A Cappella Student Group

The Bandier Program prides itself on encouraging you to openly participate in the entertainment industry. The program is structured to build your resume with work experience. An abundance of opportunities exist both on and off campus for students and young entrepreneurs to gain valuable experience in their field of choice:

  • On campus: Opportunities include University Union, SU's official programming board; student organizations in arts and entertainment and the media; and student-run record labels Syracuse University Recordings and Marshall Street Records. You may also become a campus representative for a major record label or work for SU’s Event and Technical Service Office.
  • Internships: The Bandier Program requires three major market internships, which provide real-life experience and exposure to the industry structure. Students are guided through the internship process by academic advisors and industry mentors. Previous students have interned in New York City; Los Angeles; London; Miami; and Nashville, Tennessee, among others.
  • Independent study/student projects: The program emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship in the innovation of the music industry. As our students can attest, college is the time to start your career. Many students take the initiative to start their own entrepreneurial ventures; in many cases, they have the opportunity to receive academic credit for them.
  • Mentor: Because entering into the music industry is no small feat, the Bandier Program provides you with one-on-one mentor support from an industry executive. As you approach your senior year and have completed some internships, you will have a better idea of the direction you wish to go. Having a mentor will benefit you greatly, as he or she can help you get your foot even further in the door and give real-world advice on breaking into the industry.
  • Conferences: Bandier students have the opportunity to attend a variety of professional music conferences. Students have participated in SXSW, CMJ, MEISA, Midem, Game Sound Con, Americana Music, and many of the Billboard Magazine conferences. This privilege allows students access to network and obtain an insider's perspective on the industry from its leaders and executives.

In the Media

Since 2007-08, its first academic year, the Bandier Program has rapidly gained both national and international media recognition for its ability to transform young, creative, and eager students into entrepreneurial masterminds. The students who embark in the program represent the future of this ever-changing industry.

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