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Musicians in the 21st century interact with global audiences. At Setnor, we believe global study experiences are important for all students in order to help them prepare for 21st-century careers. Our opportunities are designed specifically for music majors so you can get the most out of the experience and complete your coursework without interruption to your graduation timeline.

Gilbert Week | New York City Gilbert Week | New York City


Every other year, the students in Samba Laranja, the Syracuse University Brazilian Ensemble, have the opportunity to travel to Brazil during Spring Break. You have the option to take this trip for credit or simply as a member of the ensemble. While in Brazil, the group gives performances both in schools and to more general audiences.

Strasbourg, France

Setnor students in the B.A. and B.M. degree programs who wish to study abroad have a unique opportunity to spend the spring semester of their sophomore year in Strasbourg, France, in a program designed for music majors. It combines the faculty and resources of SU Abroad with our partner institution, the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. Students in the program continue their core music classes in music theory, ear training, world music, and French at the SU Strasbourg Center, and take private lessons and perform in ensembles at the Conservatoire. You also live with French families, attend a variety of professional music performances during the semester, take weekend excursions to sites of interest, and spend a couple of weeks touring important music sites in Paris and throughout Central Europe. This program is noted for incorporating the best practices of study abroad while being designed for American music majors.

London, England

Students in both the B.M. in music industry and the Bandier Program have the opportunity to travel to London for a semester as part of their studies through the Setnor School. London is the center for commercial music outside of the United States and is a perfect location for those students interested in the industry to live and work for a semester. You take such courses as Global Commerce and Law for the Entertainment and Music Industry and International Communications at the SU London Center and participate in an internship with a music corporation in London.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is generally regarded as an entertainment capital of the world. Students in the B.M. in music industry and Bandier Program have the option to spend a semester there. They take classes at SULA and also participate in an internship with a music or entertainment company.

New York City

The Gilbert Week: NYC Seminar for Music Professions is a week-long immersion program in New York City for sophomores in the Setnor School. Students learn about varied career opportunities in music by meeting and learning from alumni and arts professionals and visiting some of the world’s leading performing arts institutions and organizations. Gilbert Week is held during Spring Break.

Other Opportunities

Though the above programs are designed to work within the structure of our degree programs, they are certainly not the only options. SU Abroad also offers semester- or yearlong opportunities at 30 foreign universities in many other countries, including Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain, Turkey and Russia. SU Abroad-supported programs in Africa include options in Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, and Tanzania.