Inside Crouse College

Future opportunities for music students are exciting and widely varied. As their studies develop in the areas of performance, music education, music industry, composition, sound recording technology, and more, students at the Setnor School of Music can discover a wide range of career options as well as receive the help they need to reach their goals.

The school and University provide a number of ways students can learn more about career opportunities. At both the school and University level, students can receive guidance, contacts, and continued support as they move through school and on to their first interviews and jobs.

In their specific areas of study, many students have internship or student teaching requirements that help them both build the skills they will need in their field and make contacts for future employment opportunities. Through the Setnor School of Music’s guest artist program, students have exclusive opportunities to meet with working professionals in the industry through masterclasses, meetings, workshops, class discussions, and performances. Career treks, travel programs, and global study opportunities also play an important role in helping students realize the incredible options awaiting them.

Syracuse University Career Services offers campus-wide programs, career fairs, workshops, career treks, and individual programs and support. Setnor School of Music students also receive specialized guidance from the Setnor School of Music Career Development Center.

Setnor School of Music Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers programs and services designed specifically to help Setnor School of Music students develop their careers and musical portfolios.

The center offers career advising, lectures, and workshops to help students prepare for careers as musical entrepreneurs. Students can schedule one-on-one advising with the center's director, Joshua Dekaney, for help with resumes, contracts, cover letters, websites, and social media. Students can also meet with Professor Dekaney after school convocations each Thursday outside of Room 301 Crouse College. 

Keys to Success

  1. Always be on time.
  2. Get along with everybody.
  3. Be the best you can be on your instrument.

Suggested Reading

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