Learn about creative, business, and legal aspects

The 21-credit minor in music industry is designed for students from any Syracuse University degree program, including music majors, who wish to learn about the creative, business, and legal aspects of the music industry. 

Admission Requirements

To enroll in the music industry minor, students must apply to the coordinator of the music industry program. The minor program is highly competitive with limited number of spaces. In order to be considered for acceptance, students must apply, interview and possess a 3.3 GPA or better. Application is encouraged before the beginning of sophomore year and is required before the beginning of junior year. The application process opens September 15 and closes March 31 during each academic year. Core curriculum music industry courses are restricted to majors and declared minors.

Curricular Requirements

Refer to Syracuse University's undergraduate course catalog for curricular information.


William DiCosimo
Assistant Professor