VPA Convocation | Carrier Dome

The Department of Drama recognizes the outstanding achievements of its students by presenting awards in the spring at the conclusion of the academic year.

2017 Awards and Recipients

Josephine Abady Prize for Directing

For a student selected as best play director of the year
Adam Coy

Ilene Lehrer Gottfried Prize

For the most outstanding graduating senior female actress
Lydia Stinson

Sawyer Falk Award

For a male and female student majoring in drama
Mary McGowan
Andy LiDestri

Friar's Award

For a student in drama, music, or theater design
Tristen Buettel
Emma Roos
Ezekiel Edmonds
Jerrod Everett

Edward G. Greer Prize

For classic acting
Lydia Stinson

Becci Ingram Memorial Award

For success in all areas of training: acting, singing, and dancing
Ezekiel Edmonds

Julian M. Kaufman Award

For excellence in the field of acting and/or directing
Liam Lonegan
Isabella Moore


For positive spirit force
Maria Bufalini

Marcia Mohr Award

For outstanding female students in dramatic art
Jillian Wipfler
Haley Parks
Emma Ettinger
Ryan Gibson
Kelsey Roberts

Gerard Moses Award

For an outstanding student in drama
Chirag Manohar

Jerry Gershman Award

For an outstanding comedic actor
Julian Fernandez

Arthur Storch Award

For artistic growth
Jesse O'Brien
Catherine Giddings

Arthur Storch Award

For design technical theater
Jessica Crawford
Emma Antenen

Martin J. Matarrese Prize

For an outstanding student studying drama
Kyra Button