Mold the flexible curriculum to your interests and ambitions

The bachelor of science (B.S.) degree program in design studies responds to the increasing popularity and broad awareness of design and design thinking in business and society as a whole. You will gain the skills necessary to become an innovative creative and a leader of cultural change in our global community.

Gain the skills necessary to become an innovative, creative leader Gain the skills necessary to become an innovative, creative leader

The program educates students in a broad spectrum of design applications and academic studies. You will consider the impact and influence of design in the context of the overall professional world, including many disciplines that intersect the design fields, such as engineering, marketing, entreprenuership, and product development. The program also connects design practices to other disciplines at the University with a strong community engagement component that is embedded in all of the existing design majors at Syracuse.

The flexible curriculum can be molded to fit your interests and ambitions. You are encouraged to study abroad in their junior year at one of the Syracuse University Abroad Centers or world partners.

Graduates of this program may consider careers in such areas as technical/creative sales, design management, and start-up/design entrepreneurship.

Admissions Requirements