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Students in the School of Design may take advantage of global study opportunities offered through VPA's Office of Global Studies and Syracuse University Abroad.

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Abroad Studies in London, England

Students majoring in communications design, environmental and interior design, and industrial and interaction design are invited to apply to participate in the SU London design program through SU Abroad. This program offers participants the opportunity to take courses in design and contemporary design history, complemented by studio and academic electives, in a world capital renowned for its cutting-edge design.

A direct placement program with the London College of Fashion offers students majoring in fashion design a professional semester in London during their junior year. In addition to classes they would normally take on the SU campus, students take courses in such areas as millinery design, shoe design, and electronic machine embroidery.

Domestic Studies

Museums and Contemporary Practices is a one-week intensive course offered every year during the MAYmester session. Drawing upon the rich resources of New York City or Washington, D.C., this course presents an overview of current museum practice. The course has been designed for highly motivated college and university undergraduates and graduate students who have a significant interest in museums.