Experience hands-on training

Students enrolled in the graduate program in museum studies come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including anthropology, art history, design, history, library science, philosophy, religion, and studio arts.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 33 graduate credits, including four core courses, two concentration courses, and three electives. An immersion internship is also required, and this experience refines technical proficiency, develops professional confidence, and bridges the gap between the University and the professional world.

A significant number of students enrolled in museum studies pursue concurrent or sequential degrees at Syracuse University. Common degrees sought include a master of arts in art history, and a master of science in library and information science. For prospective students, a separate application for each of these programs must be completed, and admittance into one program does not guarantee admission to the other. Students follow the general curricula for both programs and earn separate degrees. For current students that are already enrolled in a graduate program at Syracuse University, an internal application form must be submitted.

Below are the general program requirements for museum studies. Refer to Syracuse University’s graduate course catalog for more information about this curriculum and our courses.

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Program Requirements

Core Requirements

(All courses required)

  • Introduction to Museum Studies (Fall - 3 credits)
  • Museum Preparation and Installation (Fall/Spring - 3 credits)
  • Museum Graphics and Communications (Fall/Spring - 3 Credits)
  • Collections Management: (Fall/Spring - 3 credits)
  • Museum/gallery internship (experience credit): (3 credits)

Total: 15 credits

Concentration Requirements

(Minimum of three)

  • Curatorship of Historic and Ethnographic Collections: (Spring - 3 credits)
  • Fine Art Curatorship (Fall – 3 credits)
  • Public Learning in Museums: (Spring - 3 credits)
  • Museum Management: (Fall - 3 credits)
  • Museum Development: (Spring - 3 credits)
  • Museums, Heritage, and Tourist Sites (Spring – 3 credits)
  • Introduction to Cultural Heritage Preservation (Fall – 3 credits)
  • Historic Interpretation (Spring – 3 credits)

Total: 9 credits

General Academic or Studio Electives

(A minimum of three credits must be in museum studies)
Total: 9 credits

Completion/Exit Requirement

Comprehensive examination: 0 credits

Total credits: 33
Length of residency: 1.5 to 2 years