Xiaoyu Qi | ASI Presentation, Gestural Interface

Students are admitted to the program for the summer semester only for a two-year immersion experience. 

Students will learn the basic technical skills and design methodology during the summer bootcamp sessions in design thinking and an introduction to design communication before entering the fall semester. All students will attend an orientation to better understand potential focus areas and how they pertain to design.

The 60-credit-hour M.F.A. program structure consists of three components per semester: a 6-credit studio (Design Project), a 3-credit design course (Design Research, Design Communication), and 3 to 6 credits of academic and studio electives. A minimum of 3 elective credits each semester is dedicated to your academic focus requirement (your specific area of choice).

Design Project provides a studio-based experience and environment where students work collaboratively on problems and develop solutions. Design Research supports the activities of the studio and thesis development. It is expected that your academic focus area will also support studio work and may be interrelated with the Design Research course. A student whose area of focus is in entrepreneurship, for example, may bring issues of marketing and production into play in the development of the studio project and use the Design Research course to examine theories of marketing in relationship to design development.

Students will continue onto their second year after passing a review at the end of their first year and must complete a final presentation and master’s thesis in order to graduate.

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