Xiaoyu Qi | ASI Presentation, Gestural Interface

The master of fine arts (M.F.A.) in design is a two-year graduate program that engages students in collaborative practice within a dynamic, multidisciplinary studio environment. This professional graduate program breaks down boundaries and brings together students, faculty, communities, and businesses to work collaboratively on the world's significant problems for the greater good.

Graduate students in design interact with the School of Design's inquisitive and intelligent community. Students and faculty throughout the school address first hand the issues of the world around them, with focus on sustainable design practices, social issues, and excellence in professional practice forming the core of the programs.

The program intersects design thinking with a specific area of focus, allowing for in-depth exploration of major issues with a variety of industry and research partners. The M.F.A. in design is closely aligned with the internationally recognized strengths of Syracuse University, allowing design to be integrated with various campus-wide initiatives.

Examples include:

The curriculum is propelled by research work that takes place on an ongoing basis within the Design Laboratory, allowing students to gain unique perspectives and project-based design experiences that lead to a competitive advantage once they graduate.

A background in design is required for admission to this program. Students may also gain basic technical skills and design methodology prior to beginning the program through a series of courses identified with your graduate advisor. All students will attend a summer orientation to gain an understanding of the many opportunities for focused research on our campus. They are also required to take Intro to Design Communication along with Design Thinking and Strategies in preparation for the fall semester.


Application deadline: February 1 for summer admission. The M.F.A. in design currently does not offer fall or spring admission.