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Graduate students in the communication and rhetorical studies program begin with two core courses designed to introduce them to the department: Proseminar in Communication and Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric.

After these core courses (required during the first semester of M.A. coursework), students will work with their selected faculty advisors to choose from a wide variety of courses in the department and across the university to create their own unique programs of study.

For further information on the courses described below, visit Syracuse University’s online course catalog.

Core Courses

  • CRS 601 Proseminar in Social Communication
  • CRS 603 Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric

Recently Offered Graduate Electives

  • CRS 514 Language and Meaning
  • CRS 532 Family Communication
  • CRS 535 Communication and Community
  • CRS 552 History of Rhetorical Theory
  • CRS 553 American Public Address
  • CRS 568 Rhetoric and Social Change
  • CRS 614/WSP 615 Communication, Power, and Gender
  • CRS 627/327 Speechwriting
  • CRS 600 Closet Cases
  • CRS 600 Seminar in Visual Rhetoric
  • CRS 600 Talk and the Body
  • CRS 600 Rhetoric and the Archive
  • CRS 605 Communication and Cosmopolitanism
  • CRS 630/430 Intercultural Communication
  • CRS 655 Rhetorical Criticism
  • CRS 683/483 Rhetoric of Film
  • CRS 746 Queer Rhetorics
  • CRS 862 Seminar in Rhetoric and Public Address