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Our bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree program in painting emphasizes individuality of artistic expression. We encourage you to experiment in new directions and to remain open to innovative ideas and approaches as you develop your own unique style.

Taylor Cyprien ’15 | Little Pieces Taylor Cyprien ’15 | Little Pieces
Samantha Franklin ’15 | See You Next Thursday and Cock a Doodler Don't Samantha Franklin ’15 | See You Next Thursday and Cock a Doodler Don't
Paul Weiner ’15 | Amicus Curiae Paul Weiner ’15 | Amicus Curiae
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You will develop technical skills in painting, drawing, color, and pictorial composition through extensive studio work in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and nontraditional media. Courses in art history and critical studies expose you to concepts of the past and present and heighten your visual and intellectual perceptions.

Our mission is to provide you with the resources and support you need to develop your artistic talents and to understand the forces that drive creative endeavors in today’s increasingly interconnected world. With our internationally known faculty, visiting artists, and speakers, we offer you a wide perspective on the creative process and what it means to be an artist.

The resources we offer include studios that far exceed what many universities provide as well as global programs that include classes in Europe and other key locations in the United States. Our creative classes are complimented by the richness offered by an outstanding and diverse university environment. The painting classes are medium to small in size, with plenty of individual attention, but also with respect for the freedom that students need to find their creative voice.

The long history of our painting program demonstrates a steady and deep commitment to painting, a discipline that is as relevant now as ever. The “blank canvas” is both a hurdle and a tabula rasa—perhaps not a blank slate, but a clean slate. If artists today can learn to channel their creative energies effectively, the possibilities for meaningful expression can be enormous. The dichotomies between traditional and contemporary or figurative and non-representational have imploded, and what remains is strong, self-motivated, individual work.

The young artists in our painting program represent the global possibilities of what painting can be, whether it embraces tradition or not, whether it be interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary. Our program is designed to give you a working knowledge of the history of your practice as well as knowledge of contemporary critical thinking in your field. We recognize that our students are self-driven individuals whose artworks are a testament to the faith they have in their own abilities and the trust they have in the creative process itself.

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