Focus on how art is communicated

The bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in arts in context is designed for students who wish to explore the context of art in relation to art making. The program prepares you to be an artist, scholar, and activist who can connect creativity to real-world settings and supports a variety of creative career paths. 

Develop skills in creative and critical thinking Develop skills in creative and critical thinking

The arts in context program prepares you to pursue fields based on the critical dialogue relating to art. Incorporating pedagogy, philosophy, and criticality, the program focuses on how art is communicated, considered, and discussed in “contexts,” including schools, museums, art institutions, cultural centers, and in the social and environmental public arena.

You will develop skills in creative and critical thinking, visual literacy and materials, civic engagement, and interdisciplinary practice. Your studies may include theoretical and critical issues, creative leadership, curation, ethics and sustainability, or arts administration. 

You will also develop a thematic area of emphasis that may include a minor. With mentoring and advising, you may be able to pursue areas of study within art and design as well in other areas of the University.

In addition to a rigorous studio and academic curriculum, we support community engagement, workshops, informal gatherings, and collaborative projects.

With a degree in arts in context, you can pursue such career paths as curatorship for galleries and museums, arts administration, and commissioning and the critic. 

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