VPA Convocation | Carrier Dome

The School of Art recognizes the outstanding achievements of its students by presenting awards in the spring at the conclusion of the academic year.

2017 Awards and Recipients

Master's Prize

For students who exemplify excellence in graduate studies
SSu Ya Hsiung


In ceramics
Emma Silverstein

Clayscapes Pottery Award

For a ceramics major
Alexandra Myers
Philip Adams

Shaped Clay Society Award

For a ceramics major
Alexandra Myers

M&S Weiss Award

For an outstanding senior in illustration
Marisa Rother

Illustration Honorable Mention

Benjamin Tomimatsu
Kelly O'Neill
Carly Wright

George VanderSluis Award

For an outstanding graduate student in painting
Loren Bartnicke
Owen Drysdale


For a senior painting major
Lena Blum

Hiram Gee Award

For a senior painting major
Sophia McDonnell


For seniors in painting
Lena Blum
Adrianna Cummings

Bruce Manwaring Award

For a deserving student in printmaking
Taro Takizawa

Marion Behr Award

For a student in printmaking
Landon Perkins

Thomas G. Yohe Endowed Prize Fund Illustration/Drawing Award

For excellence in illustration & drawing
Anna Schwartz

Roswell S. Hill Award

For junior painting students
Abigail Latham
LaNia Roberts
Randall Watson
Maitrayi Subhedar

Gayle Wolford Award

For a sophomore painting student
Zoe Stern

Primo Award for Outstanding Freshmen Student

For an outstanding freshman student
Jocelyn Enriquez

David MacDonald Ceramic Award

For an outstanding student in Ceramics
Mike Tavares Jr.