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The jewelry and metalsmithing (JAM) minor curriculum provides the same base of knowledge as the JAM major but allows students to choose a path within the program that suits their interests.

Choose a path that suits your interests Choose a path that suits your interests

You may decide to take jewelry-oriented courses, metalsmithing courses, or a combination of both. The curriculum also gives you an historic understanding of the field and an opportunity to discuss many of the current issues faced by jewelers and metalsmiths.

The minor is open to all Syracuse University undergraduates.

Admission Requirements

3.0 GPA (based on the completion of 30 credits with a minimum of 15 credits taken at Syracuse University)
An interview with the coordinator
The cap on enrollment per semester is five students.
Candidates must enter program no later than the first semester of junior year. (Open to campus as a whole)
Applications are accepted at any time but will adhere to an October 15 deadline for processing and approval in the fall semester (March 1 for spring semester).

Curricular Requirements

Refer to Syracuse University's undergraduate course catalog for curricular information.