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The 115-year-old ceramics program offers a minor in ceramics to all undergraduate students at Syracuse University. The program boasts three full-time faculty, a technician, recently renovated facilities, and highly qualified graduate students.

Hand Building Hand Building

While candidates for this degree may come from any discipline within the University, the ceramics program has a history of attracting students from architecture, industrial and interaction design, geology, engineering, and business. The program teaches equally to the fine art major as well as students of craft and to the many architectural and industrial practices that involve ceramic processes. The field of ceramics has direct historical ties with design, engineering, architecture, geology, business, and studies in art history. Indirectly the connections broaden to incorporate literature, poetry, philosophy, and politics as they pertain to the ceremonies and content that surround ceramic objects and their relevance to cultural identity.

Admission Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA
  • Candidates must enter by the beginning of junior year. (Open to campus as a whole)
  • Limit of 18 students accepted at any one time
  • Rolling admission. Requires review meeting with all full-time faculty in the ceramics program.

Curricular Requirements

Refer to Syracuse University's undergraduate course catalog for curricular information.