Facilitate Collaborative Learning Experiences

Graduate programs in art education are offered in conjunction with Syracuse University’s School of Education. They are geared to prepare matriculated students to accomplish several purposes.

Develop arts-based curriculum strategies Develop arts-based curriculum strategies

Our programs are designed to achieve the following:

  • to immerse learners in the design of the simple symbols, meaningful artifacts, language and communications interfaces, and information networks that have become critical in the wake of the Information Age;
  • to develop arts-based and principle-centered curriculum strategies promoting practical outcomes, inclusive learning, and social responsibility; and
  • to facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative learning experiences intersecting creative practices, problem-solving across disciplines, community-engaged scholarship, and real-world inquiry models.

We offer two master of science (M.S.) degree programs: the M.S. in art education: preparation and the M.S. in art education: professional certification programs. They are designed to meet the needs of two types of students:

  1. Those without previous experience in the study of education who seek initial certification as an art teacher in grades K-12 through a preparation program; and
  2. Those with initial certification in art education who seek professional certification.

The art education: preparation program requires 45 credits of study, including 12 credits of student teaching. It leads to initial teacher certification in the visual arts for New York State. Student teaching is completed in a semester of full-time study at two sites, including both the elementary and secondary levels. This program is designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree in studio art or another related discipline outside of teaching.

The art education: professional certification program is designed for students who seek a master’s degree that ultimately leads to professional certification. This program requires 30 credits of study with either a research or studio arts concentration as determined with your advisor. The prerequisite to this program is an undergraduate art education teaching degree and either initial teacher certification in the visual arts for New York State or an application for this certificate in process with the certificate in hand before the degree is granted.