Work with our dynamic, professional faculty


Our faculty offers rigorous and multi-faceted learning experiences that prepare student-artists for professional and entrepreneurial careers.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities and studios, from the handmade to the digital. Our professionally active faculty fosters internships as well as international and national opportunities and brings the creative industries to the studio. Through guided mentorship, our student-artists craft their own course of study.

And we've got snow!


In the absence of a dominant paradigm to react with or against, we actively construct new philosophies for arts practice.

We no longer decode images--we re-code them. We embrace dialogue and difference and appreciate the value of the individual. We embrace art in action and its impact on our society. Academic and creative research-based practice is at the core of the school’s ethos, recognizing that there is a spectrum of practices and professional outcomes. We honor the innovators of the past while preparing the next generation of creative leaders. We share in the passion for inclusive teaching and learning practices to provide the best experience for our student-artists. 

Department Policies

School of Art policies are administered by the office of the director. Current students and faculty may contact the office with questions.