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SU:VPA and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies considers graduate student research an integral part of the student experience. Grants are awarded to encourage students to pursue creative opportunities, whether they are exhibitions, conferences, performances, or other professional events. These include Creative Opportunity Grants, which are designed to support students and allow them to take advantage of unique opportunities that will benefit their academic and artistic work and enhance their career development. (Examples include the cost of materials to make or finish work that has been accepted for an exhibition, research related travel to present a paper or perform, and publication costs.) Refer to Support and Funding for more information and how to apply.


The Office of Research and Graduate Studies is responsible for supporting and facilitating faculty research, scholarship, and creative enterprise. Twice a year, faculty members are encouraged to apply for research and development grants, which can help fund scholarly, artistic, and professional development. Past examples have included funding for conference registration, exhibition expenses, and printing or material costs.

If you have received a grant in the past, please make sure you submit documentation of the work accomplished through the grant. Documentation can be sent to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Please note that this grant is not intended for curricular or programmatic development. It is also not intended for faculty computer and technology updates. For those forms, please refer to SU:VPA’s Office of Academic Affairs.